At Bionova Capital, we work closely with entrepreneurs to build leading companies with technologies and products transforming people’s health.

Projects must meet several critical points before we are able to invest. Please, only send us your project if it meets the following criteria:

We only invest in early-stage companies at the seed round. Please do not contact us for investments at Series A or beyond.


Transformational technologies in therapeutics, medtech and digital health. For therapeutics, we require robust in vivo results and patentable assets before investing. For medtech and digital health, we require a minimum viable product before investing.


Profound technical expertise is essential, preferably coupled with business/commercial experience. Team needs to be coachable, fast-paced and have a sense of urgency.


Markets greater than €1bn, clear regulatory pathway for approval, favorable reimbursement and pricing policies.

Exit Potential

Sectors with high VC/M&A/IPO activity with examples of previous profitable exits and several possible acquirers.